What we have

In our online diary you can publish a message (a "fragment") up to 701-character long, not more often than once in 2 hours. By doing this, you'll be able to emerge from hassles and worries, look back at the time you have lived and write whatever you want about your experiences, about what happened (or did not happen). Surprisingly, this "emerging" significantly increases the sobriety of your state of mind and saturation of your life, leading to the birth of new desires, ideas and clarities. The “Fragmenter” keeps helping even if you do not write anything (due to reluctance or having nothing to write). In any case, you will get the habit of mentally going back to your experiences in the past period of time, giving it at least a superficial mental evaluation. That itself brings more sobriety into your life, and as a result - at least a small increase in "life saturation".

Bad language is allowed, but we strongly recommend not using it excessively, not to swear but rather “talk it” when it feels appropriate. The posts having little sense, with a lot of profanity will be simply deleted. And remember - the more foul language and nonsense in your posts, the more likely that many users will individually "ban" you and will not see your messages at all.

There is a possibility to make you fragments private (visible only to your friends), but remember there is no real anonymity on the Internet.

In your "profile" you can write about yourself, give links to your other blogs and sites.

As we add new features and functions, their description will be added here.

What we will never have

We do not allow deleting entries. Editing an entry is possible within the first 10 minutes after adding.

There is no option to “like” fragments. By not including the "Like" button we prevent the Like-mania that wears out so many participants of conventional social networks. Here you can safely write you diary and not worry about how many likes or anti-likes you'll get.

We will not have ratings of any sort. Thus we nip the Rating-mania in the bud, because it eats away the souls of ordinary social networks' users and eternally attracts bots and spammers. So, there is no ground to seek after approval of others, you may just relax and keep your diary.

Text formatting is not available at this moment.

We will be deleting the messages, which are obviously trash, spam, containing personal data (your own or of others). The messages expressing hate, insult to any nationality or social group will also be deleted. If a user is persistent in posting such messages, he or she will be banned.

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What !F users say

Only today learnt about !F and created an account. Have to admit, this site is interesting and special, indeed. The idea is quite the thing! I'll be keeping my diary in spite of anything. I like this anonymity so much!

I really enjoy reading other participants, it's so much more sincere here than in any social network.

Such a funny idea, to keep an online diary, which can be read by anybody - and nobody at the same time.

I like a lot that there are no comments on !F. Here I have an impression that I am writing just for myself. I have less concern that my message will be evaluated.

I like Fragmenter very much. Now I have extra motivation to change. It's a big difference – just write to myself in a paper notebook, or write in order to share my thoughts.

Fragmenter is cool – I start to think once and again why I'm so depressed and how I came to be like that.
Туле 🌱

Fragmenter is the best thing that happened to me this year!
Aart 🐦