Дзихико. writes March 27, 2016 11:41

Грустно и я немного в бешенстве. Когда я сильно злюсь или переживают какие то эмоции то мне потом грустно,будто я потратила все эмоции за день и осталась только грусть. Странное такое ощущение,остатки злости,сметение. Будто выскребаешь ёгурт со стенок баночки,с тех что в низу,который не достать и ты просто выкидываешь баночку. Такая каша в голове. Обрывки мыслей пролетают словно на быстрой перемотке. Я замечаю лишь куски,частички. Мерзко.

March 27, 2016 11:41

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What !F users say

Only today learnt about !F and created an account. Have to admit, this site is interesting and special, indeed. The idea is quite the thing! I'll be keeping my diary in spite of anything. I like this anonymity so much!

I really enjoy reading other participants, it's so much more sincere here than in any social network.

Such a funny idea, to keep an online diary, which can be read by anybody - and nobody at the same time.

I like a lot that there are no comments on !F. Here I have an impression that I am writing just for myself. I have less concern that my message will be evaluated.

I like Fragmenter very much. Now I have extra motivation to change. It's a big difference – just write to myself in a paper notebook, or write in order to share my thoughts.

Fragmenter is cool – I start to think once and again why I'm so depressed and how I came to be like that.
Туле 🌱

Fragmenter is the best thing that happened to me this year!