Я люблю запах солнца на коже, люблю смотреть в небо. Люблю закаты больше рассветов, собак больше котов и нежные поцелуи в щёки больше любых иных вариантов. Я люблю крепкие объятия, зарываться пальцами в волосы и быть любимой.

Я люблю жить и люблю жизнь.

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She shines
But for her it's dark and grime
On the inside cries for help but
On the out her eyes are dry

The world is one big horror story
But you got me by your side

August 06, 2023 14:08

Explicit is better than implicit
Simple is better than complex
Complex is better than complicated
Flat is better than nested
Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules
Errors should never pass silently
Now is better than never

October 18, 2022 13:32

I wanna lift you up, I’m gonna set you down
I’m gonna take your hand and spin you round and round
I’m gonna open my arms and open my ears
I’m gonna listen to your stories, wipe away your tears

September 01, 2022 20:02

Fuck it, you can poison my water
But you’re gonna need a damn good lawyer
Cause I’m worth my weight in gold

August 07, 2022 18:35

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What !F users say

Only today learnt about !F and created an account. Have to admit, this site is interesting and special, indeed. The idea is quite the thing! I'll be keeping my diary in spite of anything. I like this anonymity so much!

I really enjoy reading other participants, it's so much more sincere here than in any social network.

Such a funny idea, to keep an online diary, which can be read by anybody - and nobody at the same time.

I like a lot that there are no comments on !F. Here I have an impression that I am writing just for myself. I have less concern that my message will be evaluated.

I like Fragmenter very much. Now I have extra motivation to change. It's a big difference – just write to myself in a paper notebook, or write in order to share my thoughts.

Fragmenter is cool – I start to think once and again why I'm so depressed and how I came to be like that.
Туле 🌱

Fragmenter is the best thing that happened to me this year!
Aart 🐦